Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hydrospawn Leader

When hydrospawn warriors capture a strong human warrior alive, she will be brought to the hivemind for transformation.  The human is injected with spores, ooze and ichor and must save vs. death at -4 or fall into a coma.  The comatose human will be transformed over the course of a month into a hydrospawn leader.  Only a remove curse and a cure disease can restore the victim to her original form.

Like hydrospawn warriors, hydrospawn leaders are skeletal in appearance with no skin.  They surprise others 3 in 6,  can see in the dark, breathe underwater and they are excellent swimmers.

Hydrospawn leaders can use a "mind tangle" power upon one target within 12" each round.  Previous victims of the mind tangle are not released when a new target is attacked.  Multiple targets can be affected.   If the hydrospawn leader is killed, the effects of all its mind tangles go away in one round.  The target must save vs. illusion or suffer the effects of the power.  Roll on the table below:

Roll d6 
Effect of the Mind Tangle
The target cannot move and can only defend for 1d4 rounds
The target will drop what they are holding and wander around for 1d4 rounds
All hydrospawn are effectively invisible to the target for 1d4 rounds

In melee combat, the hydrospawn leader attacks with its two massive hook spines.  Each spine does 1d6+2 if it hits.  If both hit the same target, the target must save vs. illusion or suffer the effect of the "mind tangle" above.

Hydrospawn warriors fighting in the presence of a hydrospawn leader are +1 to hit and +1 to all saving throws.

Hydrospawn Leader 000M0
fungal humanoid
M = All affected by "mind tangles" get a new saving throw to cancel the effect
HD 4 AC 3[16] Atk 2 hook spines Move 9/Swim 15
Save 14 MOR 11 CL/XP 6/400 TT None
Special: water breathing, mind control
The hydrospawn hive mind is a giant tentacular creature that dwells in a subterranean cavern.  The hivemind needs water and biological matter to create its warriors (and other servant beasts).  As a result, the hivemind often sends its warriors on raids to hunt and kill/capture animals that can be brought back to the cavern for use in its fungal plans.  The hydrospawn leader is often "cultivated" when a mission is particularly difficult or strategy and tactics are important.  A hydrospawn leader will always have 2-8 hydrospawn warriors with her. 
Treasures: Hydrospawn leaders carry no treasure

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