Thursday, December 23, 2010

Juggernaut Amphoron

I'm still playing with the stat-blocks and I'm still working to generate "Gygaxian Naturalism" and Treasures for the monsters.

Anyway, here's one that I've been working on.

Juggernaut Amphoron
The Juggernaut Amphoron is a harvester/processor the size of a semi-attached trailer truck, with a moving crane mounted on its back and two huge circular saws mounted on its articulated arms. If the Juggernaut’s crane hits an opponent, the victim is lifted up into the air over the Juggernaut’s processing hatch, and dropped automatically in the following round. If the crane hits, a saving throw is permitted to escape the its grasp unless the target is wearing metal armor, in which case no saving throw is allowed (the crane contains a backup magnet). Anyone dropped into the processing hatch is processed within 1d4 rounds into a small brick.
Juggernaut Amphoron 00000 UCPI0
U = Unstable - chance to "flicker" now 2 in 6
C = Crane Demagnetized - the crane magnets no longer work. Targets in metal armor are now allowed a saving throw
P = Processor Malfunction - 1 in 6 chance per round that the processor will cease functioning
I = Intangible - chance to be "solid" now only 1 in 6
HD 10 AC 2[17] Atk 2 whirling blades (2d6+2) or crane Move 9
Save 5 MOR A CL/XP 13/2300 TT
Special: magic resistance 25%, crane, chance of flickering
Gygaxian Naturalism goes here
Treasures (d6)
I'm creating a list of treasures for the monsters.  You'll roll a d6 and read off the list.

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