Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hydrospawn Warriors

A good friend came by yesterday and gifted me with the starter set to HeroScape.  I already have a copy, but I plan to give parts of it away to my grandson.  He'll be able to add the parts to the parts I've already given him PLUS the HeroScape Underdark set he got for his birthday last year.

Anyway, I was looking in the box and I found these beauties!  Marro Warriors!  I've re-imagined them below as "Hydrospawn Warriors" and I plan to put them in the MMMM. 


Hydrospawn are a race of fungus-based humanoid warriors.  They are skeletal in appearance and have no skin.  They serve a tyrannical hivemind that drives them to seek out fertilizer (usually humanoid beings) to feed the pod farm.

Hydrospawn are stealthy and able to surprise opponents 1-3 on a d6.  Hydrospawn can see in the dark and can breathe underwater.  They are excellent swimmers.

In melee combat, hydrospawn can fight with their claws or with any melee weapon.  They prefer to ambush at range, using their bio-powered "blorp" guns, which they fire at +2 to hit.  The guns are called this by other races because of the noise they make when fired.  The hydrospawn themselves have no word for their guns, thinking of them as mere extensions of themselves.  A blorp gun in the hands of a hydrospawn may be fired every round and will never run out of ammunition.

A target hit with a "blorper" suffers 1d6 damage and must save vs. concussive force (STR bonus applies) at +2 or suffer the random effects below:

D6 roll Effect
1 Target knocked down
2-3 Target knocked down and back 1"
4-5 Target knocked down and back 2"
6 Target knocked down and stunned for 1 round

"Blorp" guns can be taken as treasure and can be used by creatures that have the appropriate appendages.  Blorpers are bulky, somewhat heavy and their ammunition cannot be swapped from one gun to another.  No one has been able to figure out how to reload a blorp gun once its empty, only the hydrospawn have the ability to do that.  Captive hydrospawn will not refill a blorp gun even if threatened with death.  In all cases, blorp guns cease to function (whether they have charges left or not) within one week of being taken from their hydrospawn.  Roll 1d6 each day after the first.  If you roll a number greater than the number of days the blorp gun has been removed from its hydrospawn, the gun will function.

Hydrospawn warriors can also "split" once per day if they submerge all or part of their bodies (like a foot or hand) in water.  In one round,  in a "blurrrp" the hydrospawn will split in two.  This will happen at the end of the round and during that round the hydrospawn will not attack -- it will only defend itself.  The second hydrospawn will be uninjured even if the first hydrospawn has taken damage.  The second hydrospawn will not have a blorp gun.  The two resulting hydrospawn cannot further "split" for one month.  During this process, the hydrospawn will deposit an "egg" in the water.  The egg is a sphere, about 2" in circumference and dark green in color.  This egg will sink to the bottom of the water and in one week, a new hydrospawn warrior will be born.

Hydrospawn Warrior 3 Hits
fungal humanoid

HD 2 AC 5[14] Atk 1 claws/melee weapon or "blorp" gun Move 9/Swim 15
Save 16 MOR 10 CL/XP 4/120 TT Special
Special: water breathing, "blorp" gun (see table), splitting ability (see above)
The hydrospawn hive mind is a giant tentacular creature that dwells in a subterranean cavern.  The hivemind needs water and biological matter to create its warriors (and other servant beasts).  As a result, the hivemind often sends its warriors on raids to hunt and kill/capture animals that can be brought back to the cavern for use in its fungal plans.  The hydrospawn warriors are the pawns in these plans.  Expendable troops that can be used in overwhelming numbers against its prey.  The hivemind has an organ that excretes the basic tube structure of the "blorp" gun.  Once its attached to the hydrospawn warrior, it becomes a fully functional blorper.  
Treasures (d6 - roll twice; once for gun, once for other item)
1 - "blorp" gun (2 shots left); dried fish wafers
2 - "blorp" gun (3 shots left); pretty shells on thong
3 - "blorp" gun (4 shots left); strange teeth on thong
4 - "blorp" gun (5 shots left); copper trinket (1d4x20 cp value)
5 - "blorp" gun (6 shots left); silver trinket (1d4x10 sp value)
6 - "blorp" gun (7 shots left); pearl or coral trinket (1d4+1x10 gp value)

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